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May 5

Here’s some backstory sketches. This isn’t something I would mention in an actual session (unless the DM specifically asked us to make our backstories relevant somehow) but it’s just fun for me.

The player handbook said that half-orcs are overwhelmingly the result of male orcs raping female humans during raids, which is like… ehhhh. I guess it makes sense for the setting. But I didn’t want that to be Thorn’s origin so I came up with something different (still kinda skeezy, but at least consensual).

The idea is, Thorn’s dad was kind of a gross creep, but having to be a single father for her helped him become a better man, although he really wasn’t crazy about the idea at first.

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    I actually really love this. ^.^ The dialog between Thorn and her father is sweet and well done.
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    This is adorable and makesme miss my old DND games. whenever I played halforcs, I made upbetter origins too, because…....
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    Oh my gosh Mags this is so cute I’m dying